What we do?Producer and exporter of diverse range of organically certified & conventional dried

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A professional producer and exporter of diverse range of organically certified & conventional dried herbs, spices, seeds & dehydrated vegetables in Egypt.
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  • Quality

    Across company's staff, we believe that quality is the main topic of our business mission which is a must to be applied on all functions.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Our focus on customer satisfaction was the main reason of previous success and will be the platform of our further progress and expansion. (CEO)

  • Experience

    Our development, expansion & long term customer relations are real evidence of experience gained along years.

About Us

Ahmous LTD has a well-established position in the global market particularly EU region. We are working actively on a business development plan through developing an entire production facility and a distribution system to convoy with the customer requirements and the global market demand. We choose high quality production and reliable service to be our competitive advantages to maintain our customer satisfaction which is our main goal.

Company Profile

Company profile We are Bulgarian company specializing in growing, trading herbs, spices medicinal plants , onion , garlic. We are introducing our products with many levels of quality. We have organic and common herbs and spices . We expand our business to sell in bulk with your own brands and ensure supply chain anywhere From egypt , India, Turkey,...Etc


Our Products

United Values

- High quality products supplying upon different markets/quality standards within procedures & measures applying.
- Reasonable & competitive prices which are generated as a result of economy of scale we achieved for years, our major customers are regularly receiving a periodic featured price list of available items / format based on consideration of market competition orientation strategy, categorized upon distinction of markets criteria and customer requirements.
- Up to date market reports providing to our customers help them mostly to avoid unexpected market rapid changes and troubles. And reflect on maintain our long term customer relations.
- Immediate response for customers inquiries and sample requests within our professional staff are always considered as one of our company features.
- Timely scheduled cargos with updated statement declarations.
- Allowing our customers to avoid stock shortage or quality deficiencies.
Customer Risk Minimizing & Flexibility:
- Through our effective performance and experience gained from diverse markets armed with featured strategy of maintaining long term business relationships with customers as a major objective, allowed the company sales staff to apply for Different Orders Execution Procedures.
- Such procedures which seek to secure our customers by achieving the minimum level of risk within supplying process by offering multiple execution procedures for orders.
Performance Measures:
- Order Fulfillment Efficiency is one of our main indicators highly considered in order to enhance our service; we regularly analyze our performance with respect to percentage achieved annually with heavily consideration of complaints received. Such measures reported, 98% of Order Fulfillment Efficiency in 2014 with 1.5% complaints.
Social Responsibilities:
- We maintain steady flow by a growing interest of farm pre contracting supported by technical follow up in site to magnify the direct supervision on each production step and refine whole production procedure.
- Guiding and support our workers to have a life that meets their basic needs in a safe working environment, and providing an adequate return and satisfaction from their work is one of our major priorities of social responsibilities.
- Recently, United became a Fairtrade certified company in order to be able to provide more effective social support.

Quality Control

We pay much attention to all factors could support quality assurance achieving by using HACCAP plans of Food Safety Management supported with professional allocation of machinery processing and high caliber labor. It's applied for whole chain of production process starting with, farming, drying, sorting, processing, sampling, storing, analysis, packaging, handling and shipping.

Working in clean environmental farms providing naturally built shield from pesticides residuals.

Placing our production facility in the middle of the main farm helps in linking all the production procedures smoothly from reception, all the ways through natural drying in shadow, storing, processing in isolated chambers and packing.

We are interested in conformance to specifications so the absence of defects is the major focus of our department of packing through well managed process including all technical quality control gaudiness and restricted measures have been taken according to current EU standards in food business with consideration of Hygiene rules of EU - Regulations (EC No 8522(P41), and applying of ISO 22000 Standards - in case of conventional products.

In addition, we are extremely obligated with Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008, in addition to, NOP certification standards in processing and handling all organic products.

Our strict quality control is self evident in the Pharmacopoeia results, as tests for contamination, Starting with testing of required physical analysis, we regularly apply all chemical analysis such as (pesticides, microbiology, aflatoxin,....etc.) as per current EU regulation for pesticides in case of conventional products and BNN Guidance in case organic products within EU accredited national & international labs, such as: Central Laboratory of Residue analysis of Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food - Egypt, GBA- Germany, SGS-Germany, Eurofins- Netherlands.


Organic products are produced using methods of organic farming - with limited synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers where organic farming is a process controlled and certified by authorities starting from production till consumption.

In other words, organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic Agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved - IFOAM -

Through our belief of organic Ideal principles, United has heavily subscribed into the organic industry with EU certification as one of the first certified organic companies around Egypt (since 2002).

By 2005, United has became certified USDA/NOP aiming to extend supplying process of organic products.

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